Do you ship outside the US?
We currently only ship to the U.S. However; if you have a FedEx account we can ship your cookies to you using your account number.

Can I print in different colors?
Yes! Black is the default, but your can choose any color to print your messages in. All of your text on the front side of the fortune will be printed in the color you choose. If text or a logo is chosen for the reverse side, that will always be printed in black ink.

Can I put my company logo on the message?
Yes! Simply on the order form it will give you the option to upload your logo. Your logo will most likely go on the back of the message. Will be printed black and white.

Do you make other flavored cookies?
We only offer vanilla cookies. Other manufacturers offer various flavored cookies but we have found that the original vanilla flavoring is still the best.

Do you have an ingredients list for your fortune cookies?
Yes! Our cookies are made using simple local ingredients.
Water, Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Orange Flavor and Color.

What kind of wrappers are my cookies wrapped in?
We will individually wrap your cookies in a clear cellophane wrapper. There is no text on the wrapper.

Do you offer a single “will you marry me” or “promposal” fortune cookie?
Yes!  Just order our dozen package! Shipping cookies is tricky want to make sure you have plenty!

Can I print on both sides of the message?
Yes, we can print on both sides of the message. There is an additional charge. Allow minimum 2 days for processing.

Do you chocolate dip the cookies?
Yes! You can order traditional or chocolate dipped fortune cookies.

How long do your cookies last?
The cookies have a shelf life of 2 months. We can ship your cookies a few weeks before you need them to ensure freshness.

What are your business hours so I may call you with questions?
Give us a call anytime! 801.485.0951. If we are away from the factory we forward all call to our cellphone.

Can I order a sample to taste the cookies?
Yes, a sample can be ordered.  We have a dozen package that can be purchased and ready to ship in just 1 business day.